Arabic Language Tuition & Arabic Learning Resource


Arabic classes and private tuition, tailored to meet the demand of Arabic language learners of all levels. Courses available in both Spoken Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic.


In addition to private tuition, we offer Arabic learning resources including games, puzzles, audio lessons, and more, all designed to assist Arabic language learners can practise and develop their language skills on the go.


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Why choose

  • Learn anywhere (classroom, home/office, online)

  • Curriculum tailored to your needs

  • The ability to practice vocabualry from Al-kitab and mastering Arabic

  • Lots of learning resources available

  • Weekly updated videos and audio lessons

  • London-based, native Arabic teacher


A sign of a great teacher is that they tailor their lessons to meet their students’ needs and push their students to achieve their maximum potential and this is exactly what Ibrahim Othman does

Aisha ph.

Ibrahim is an absolutely brilliant tutor – encouraging, patient and always able to help with my learning process!

Polly W.

Excellent & enjoyable. The way our speaking was developed was amazingly excellent.

Sarah J.

Many thanks to Ibrahim, amazing, passionate and absolutely competent teacher. I’ve really liked the whole course and it has been the best teaching I’ve ever had about Arabic language (including University Teaching!).

Aysha B.

He has wonderful communication skills with young people; he has kept my son interested, motivated and most of all he has passed on his passion for the language.

Sylvaine A.

Ibrahim is a great teacher and I like the way he teaches and the way he is helpful with examples.

~ Peter H.

Peter H.

I am an American businessman focused on building a new investment business in Libya...
I found his approach to teaching perfect. With Ibrahim’s help I rapidly developed a sense for the structure of Arabic which enabled me to create a context for accumulating new vocabulary and grammar.

Joe B.

Excellent course, lovely teacher – I am very pleased I come here.

Tom F.