Ibrahim Othman

Ibrahim Othman

I have a deep understanding of the Arabic language, and have studied it in detail both in my Masters’ Degree in Applied Linguistics at the University of London (Birkbeck College), and my earlier studies in Arabic at the University of Damascus. Teaching this unique and fascinating ancient language is a pleasure, and imparting my knowledge in a confident yet fun way is something I truly love to do.

Whether my students are learning in a classroom environment with other like-minded souls, or having one to one private tuition with an expert linguistics teacher, they all come away with a new found enjoyment of the Arabic language.

I have many years of teaching experience, and I use this to get the best from my students, no matter how they prefer to learn. With detailed lesson reports, flexible learning structures, and the ability to be adapt course materials, my Arabic lessons are ideal for anyone, no matter how much or how little previous experience they have. From beginners to those who simply want to brush up their knowledge base, I can help.

I have links with schools and colleges across the world which means that I can access appropriate source materials and the newest teaching techniques that will enable my students to learn quickly, easily and, most importantly of all, with enjoyment. Since I am proficient in immediately and accurately assessing the learning capabilities of my students, I can provide a tailor made course that takes them into account as an individual – this is one of the things that makes me stand out from the crowd.

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