Arabic Culture
10th June 2013

Ziryab, the Musician, Astronomer, Fashion Designer and Gastronome

Abul-Hasan Alí Ibn Nafí, known as Ziryab, was born in Iraq in 789. He was nicknamed Ziryab because of his melodious voice and his dark complexion, features which people compared with mir it, a singing bird of black plumage. He was a gifted pupil of Ishaq al-Mawsili, a renowned musician…
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Learn Arabic
9th June 2013

Tips for learning Arabic

Learning a language can be challenging especially Arabic language, below some tips to help you through your study. However, we will be very happy to help and answer your question, simply contact us to get a much more comprehensive list and some really great ideas to help weather you are…
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Learn Arabic
8th June 2013

Types of classes

We will tailor our classes to meet your individual requirements in order to assist you in achieving your goals at time and place suits you the best. We can teach from beginners, enabling students to communicate in a range of everyday situations, up to very advanced students who, for example,…
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Arabic CoursesCourses
1st June 2013


Arabic classes In London In addition to our fees below we teach at: At your office or home £50 per hour, booking of  10 sessions in advance (Zone 1,2 & 3) one to one sessions  A small group at your home or your office £80 per hour, booking of 10 sessions…
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