There are two main types of Arabic that are often referred to:

Modern Standard Arabic

MSA is formal, written Arabic, and is used in the media, literature and Quran studies. It is understood across the Arabic speaking world but is NOT spoken in daily life. You will see and hear MSA when you watch Al-Jazeera or read a newspaper. Children learn MSA at school after learning their dialect at home.

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Colloquial or Dialect Arabic

Colloquial or Dialect Arabic (Spoken Arabic) refers to the many national or regional varieties which constitute the everyday spoken language. It has developed over time as people always want the easiest and quickest way to make their point in conversation. Egyptian, Levantine, Gulf, Moroccan are the main dialects.

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W e offer several different ways to learn, either privately or in a group, in person or online.

We understand that each of our student's needs is unique and we pride ourselves on creating bespoke classes and courses so you may learn in the way that suits you best. Below you will find links to some of the more popular services and areas of study, but please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for, or to discuss the right option(s) for you.

Private Online Tuition

Private online tuition is a convenient and effective way to practice your speaking and conversation skills at your own pace and all from the comfort of your own home or office.

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Group Classes

We offer both Modern Standard Arabic classes and Spoken Arabic Classes (Colloquial Arabic) in Central London starting from absolute beginners to advanced level focusing on speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

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Intensive Arabic Course

We offer intensive courses for those who are studying Modern Standard Arabic for a GCSE, A-Level or studying Arabic at university. The course will be tailored according to your requirements in order to focuses on the immediate needs of the student.

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W e offer specialised courses to better meet your specific needs.

If you don't see what you are looking for, or to discuss the right option(s) for you, please contact us today.

Arabic Media Course

The Media Course focusses on Arabic language as it is used in the media (e.g. Al-Jazeera, Arabic language newspapers, etc), as well as in literature and Quran studies. Although  NOT spoken in daily life, MSA is understood across the Arabic speaking world as it is taught to children in school.

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Corporate Language Training

Each business has its own unique needs and when it comes to corporate language training, they often require more flexibility than standard language school courses can offer. We'll work with you to design courses in both Modern Standard Arabic and Spoken (colloquial) Arabic to suit your business's requirements.

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Exam Preparation

Modern Standard Arabic Preparing for GCSE, A Levels and University Exams. They say 'failing to prepare is preparing to fail' and learning a language such as Arabic is no exception! We will help you prepare for exams of any level on any topic

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Specific Skill Training

Whether you are just beginning to learn Arabic or are seeking to improve your existing Arabic language skills, we will design a course specifically to match your needs and goals. We can help you improve your skills in areas  such as conversation, reading or writing.

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