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This Spoken course aims at providing students with basic communicative skills through a number of communicative methods to enable them to introduce themselves and to conduct short conversations with people while traveling abroad.

Class instructions are delivered in English however Arabic language is introduced gradually allowing students to learn in their comfort zone. Students are encouraged to participate in an individual task, pair work and group work, word games and role play.

The various aspects of the language are introduced through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.

There are two consolidation sessions throughout the course, one in the middle of the course and one at the end of the course. Consolidation aims at practicing the learned materials through various activities.
Teaching methods target language skills of the whole group as well as individual learners; making sure that every student is learning according to their own learning styles.

By the end of the course, learners are expected to converse confidently in the topics they have been introduced to throughout the course.
They will also be able to read short simple texts relevant to what they have learned and convey the meaning in their first Language accurately.

Overview of course contents


  • · Greetings and introduction
  • · Professions and jobs
  • · Family and marital status
  • · Countries and nationalities
  • · Describing countries,
  • · Describing places and things
  • · Numbers 1-100
  • · Telling the time
  • · Ordering food and drink
  • · Talking about daily activities


  • · Personal pronouns, Possessive pronouns
  • · Masculine and feminine
  • · Adjectives
  • · Negation
  • · Verb ‘to work’


  • · Names of places
  • · Daily activities
  • · Morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night
  • · Family members
  • · Some jobs and some food items
Who this course is for:
  • If you have no previous knowledge of Arabic and wish to gain a rapid understanding of the language.
  • If you have done some Arabic in the past but need to brush up on basic skills again before venturing into studying Arabic grammar
  • If you want to start Arabic grammar studies soon and need to learn how to read the language as a prerequisite. This course offers a low-cost option.
  • If you want to learn to read and write Arabic.
  • This is an essential course for beginners
  • It’s a beginner course – so no previous experience or knowledge necessary. Absolute beginners can take this course
  • The language of instruction is English so students should have a basic grasp of the English language
  • Commitment – as with anything in life, the repetition of any ideal leads to its manifestation. Being consistent and persevering will ensure success.

What is the course about?

This course will enable you to converse in basic everyday situations in Arabic and also introduce you to the written form of the language.

What will we cover?

Topics: The alphabet, family, jobs, describing things and places Grammar: articles “the” and “a”; plurals, prepositions of place, ‘idafa’, possessives.

What will I achieve? By the end of this course, you should be able to…

– Greetings and introductions – Use the letters of the alphabet – Talk about your family – Talk about jobs – Describe things and places.

What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

Suitable for complete beginners. Also suitable for students who have attended a short intensive course in Arabic or have a basic knowledge of the language but who would like to start again from the beginning, consolidate and progress rapidly.

Section 1

Quiz 1
1 question
Here is course description
What is your name?
Quiz 2
Are you single?
Quiz 3
Where are you from?
Quiz 4
Where do you live?
Quiz 5
What do you do?
Quiz 6
I have to leave
Quiz 7
Where are you staying?
Quiz 8

Written sections

Arabic alphabet intro
Quiz alphabet
Letter ba
Quiz ba
Questions 1

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Duration: 3h
Lectures: 10
Video: 1
Level: Beginner