fairuz - Ya Tayer - Lyrics & music: Rahbani Brothers

Oh bird

Oh, bird flying around the world.

Could you tell my loved ones what I'm going through?

Oh bird


Go and ask those who aren’t with their loved ones(to know what I’m going through)

if being scarred by love, don’t know what else can help (to heal)

Feeling hurt by love but aren’t showing the pain

Whilst thinking about childhood


Oh you bird, who took with him the colour of the trees

There is nothing left but waiting and boredom

I’m like the sun is waiting for the stone to get cooler

feeling frustrated and the separation playing its toll on me

I swear by your (lovely ) feathers and our days together

I swear by those prickly roses and when the wind blows away.

If you're going to pass by us storming

Would you take me to see them even  for a minute and bring me back

يا طير

أوف أوف أوف

يا طير يا طاير على طراف الدني

لو فيك تحكي للحبايب شو بِنِي


روح اسألن علّي وَلِيفُو مش مَعو

و مجروح بجروح الهوى شو بينفعو

موجوع ما بيقول علّي بيوجعو

وتعنّ عَ بالو ليالي الولدنة

يا طيــــــــــــــــــــــــــــر


يا طير وآخد معك لون الشجر

ما عاد في إلّا النطرة والضجر

بنطر بِعَيْن الشمس عَ برد الحجر

وملبّكة وإيد الفراق تهدّني

يا طيــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــر


وحياة ريشاتك وإيامي سَوَا

و حياة زهر الشوك و هبوب الهوا

ان كنّك لعندن رايح وجنّ الهوا

خدني ولنّو شي دقيقة وردّني

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