Suitable for beginners, in this course you will learn to read, write and speak Arabic. Our Level 1 course covers learning the alphabet, reading, writing and pronunciation. You will also learn all the conversational basics: etiquette; introducing yourself and others; ordering food and drink; and asking for directions.

Watch this brief video overview:

  • Strategic learning method to help you learn everyday phrases, suitable for absolute beginners to advanced

  • HD video with detailed lesson notes

  • Grammar explained in a easy method

  • Interactive and structured courses to help you learn Arabic in the most enjoyable and fun way

  • Regularly updated videos and audio lessons

  • Flexible - be able to learn everywhere and whenever it’s convenient for you



Suitable for beginners, in this course, you will learn to read, write and pronunciation of the alphabet Arabic. Our Level 1 course covers learning the alphabet, reading, writing and pronunciation. Learn all basic grammatical cases
Module 1 Early Birds
In this module, you will learn all the basics of Arabic script, basic grammar, how the language is structured and will learn about Arabic alphabet in groups. By the end of this module, you will be able to read and write basic words.
Unit 1 Welcome to the Basic Arabic Course
Unit 2 Arabic root word system
Unit 3 Tackling Basic Arabic Grammar
Unit 4 Getting Better Acquainted with the Script
Unit 5 A closer look at the Arabic alphabet
Unit 6 Arabic Script: The Alphabet
Unit 7 Arabic Essential basics Part one
Unit 8 Arabic Essential basics Part two
Unit 9 Talk about yourself
Unit 10 Important roles about Arabic script
Unit 11 Letter Ba حَرف الباء
Unit 12 Letter taa' حَرف التاء
Unit 13 Letter thã حَرْف الثاء
Unit 14 Letter Yaa' حَرف الياء
Unit 15 Letter noon حَرْف النون
Unit 16 The feminine case, The taa' Marboota التاء المَربوطة
Unit 17 Letter Jeem حَرف الجيم
Unit 18 Letter Haa' حَرْف الحَاء
Unit 19 Letter kha حَرْف الخَاء
Unit 20 Letter dal حَرف الدال
Unit 21 Letter Thal حَرف الذال
Unit 22 Letter Ra حرف الراء
Unit 23 Letter Zay حرف الزاي
Unit 24 Letter Alif حَرف الألِف
Unit 25 More about Alif
Unit 26 Letter wow حَرف الواو
Unit 27 Letter Seen حَرف السين
Unit 28 Letter Sheen حَرف الشين
Unit 29 Letter Saad حَرف الصَاد
Unit 30 Letter Daad حَرف الضّاد
Unit 31 Letter Taa' حَرف الطاء
Unit 32 Letter thaa' حَرف الظاء
Unit 33 Letter Ayn حَرف العَين
Unit 34 Letter Ghayn حَرف الغَين
Unit 35 Letter Fa حَرف الفاء
Unit 36 Letter Qaf حَرف القاف
Unit 37 Letter Kaf حَرف الكاف
Unit 38 Letter Lam حَرف اللام
Unit 39 Letter Meem حَرف الميم
Unit 40 Letter Ha حَرف الهاء
Module 2 Beginners Module 1
In this module you will learn how to introduce yourself when meeting people, identifying self and others (nationality, location & profession), talking about immediate and extended family, describing people, objects and places, requesting & giving directions, describing what you have, asking questions, talking about what you do, giving orders politely at a café, describing and ordering a meal, expressing wishes and desires, talking about the weather, shopping, telling the time and comparing things, talking about past events. Also, you will learn some of the customs and traditions in the Middle East.
Unit 1 What is your name in Levantine Arabic
Unit 2 My name
Unit 3 How to introduce yourself
Unit 4 Where are you from
Unit 5 What do you do for a living and where?
Unit 6 Good morning
Unit 7 How are you
Unit 8 How is everything
Unit 9 Who is this