What To Choose – Modern Standard Arabic or Spoken Arabic course?

By 12th June 2014Blog

Modern Standard Arabic or Spoken Arabic Course?

When you think about the English language in depth, it is easy to accept that there is two versions of this language. There is 'proper' English which is what we use in text and formal speech and then there is a more casual approach to the language and a number of slang words that are widely accepted as English too. When you consider this to be the case, it is easy to understand that even a more complicated language like Arabic will have varying versions too.

When you consider that Arabic is the 5th most widely spoken language in the word and the fact that it is spoken across 25 different countries, it makes sense that there might be slightly varying ways in which the language is spoken, written and understood.

The Arabic Language

There are two main types of Arabic and when you come to learn the language you'll probably be asked which version you would like to learn.Media Arabic course in London

 -  Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is a more formal version of the language. Generally speaking this is not the language that is spoken day to day. Instead it is a written version used in the media and in studies of the Quran. This is the version children are taught in schools, but they are taught dialect Arabic at home.

 -  Colloquial or dialect Arabic is thought of as the spoken Arabic language. There are slight regional varieties of this language but as long as you can speak it you'll generally get by with each regional variance that you come across.

The version of the language you choose is very much a personal preference and a matter of you choosing which is best for you. If you are completely new to the language then the dialect version will probably be easier for you to learn. This is also what you will learn if you just want to make basic conversation and have a beginners understanding of the language. If you intend to use Arabic in business communications then you might want to learn a little MSA to get by with too.www.arabiclearly.co.uk.

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